The Cinematography of Bloodborne

Hello! Trying to get back into blogging in one way or another, be it games, films, series, what have you. So here goes.
If there has been one game to completely captivate me this last year, it would be Bloodborne. A game with such profound depth integrated to the story, setting and gameplay together makes for highly engaging and challenging game, a real immersive experience. Developed by From Software with help from Sony’s Studio Japan, Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive action-RPG experience with an emphasis on its incredible world and more-than-meets-the-eye Lovecraftian story.

I have created a video essay based on the game entitled The Cinematography of Bloodborne, a video I am pleased with, and a video for which I chose a catchy title rather than a representative one, as the video truly describes the mise-en-scene of the game. That being said the word cinematography still has relevance, and as I mention, it is a much different beast in games than it is in films.

I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a video essay, and I will hopefully keep posting more in the future. I intend to discuss and write about what interests me, and not what others may find necessarily important.


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